External hd for ipod music

By wise_rob
Dec 29, 2004
  1. Hi, Having got an ipod recently I was hoping to set this up on a external drive in order that I can use it on my works laptop and my home pc. can anyone see any problems with loading i tunes on the external drive and using it in this way. someone has suggested this may not be a good idea as would be slow, but cannot see how else can have i tunes on main hd and save only music to external hd. cheers all
  2. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    I'm sorry. I'm kind of confused with your question. What do you mean by install iTunes on an external drive? You cannot install an application on something with no OS.

    If you are going to install iTunes on your various machines, and point the place it puts your music to the external harddrive, you may have some problem with speeds it you're tranferring files to and fro the external drive.
  3. wise_rob

    wise_rob TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, so that I am totally clear. I cannot install itunes on an external drive I have to install it on the various computers I intend to use the programme with and simply store the music on the external drive? Thanks. :giddy:
  4. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    Correct. An application has to be run on an Operating System. OS's provide the enterpreter for your application to use system resources.

    You could install the program on your external drive while it's connected to a machine, but it would only work on that machine because only it has the necessary registry information.

    There are some applications, like the old firebird browser, that don't have an actual installer and would work on most any machine by simply running the .exe. I don't think itunes is this easy because it has to utilize much more system resources.

    Good luck.
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