External HD not working but I can see it in some places

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May 2, 2009
  1. Hi All,

    My WD 250 external USB HD just stopped working yesterday and I have tried a few tricks to see if I could get into it but without any success.

    Its in device manager in under disk drives and also USB controllers. Uner properties both seem to be working fine.
    One thing which is worrying me is under disk management-Disk drives-WD- Properties- Volumes, is when I click on populate I get the following (unreadable)

    In My Computer, if I right click on the c drive and under the hardware tab I can see WD which is the HDD.

    If I go into disk management the external drive does not show anywhere in there.

    Also I have pulled it out og the case and connected as an external HDD with the SATA cables but when it boots up it is not detected and keeps on crashing.

    Any ideas? or should I just take it to an expert and get them to get the data from it and bin the HDD?
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  3. Donz

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    didnt help, done all that was asked. Maybe my HDD is just gone
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    I'd say it's your external controller box for the Hard drive, that has gone bad
    You should be able to buy a new one of these boxes, and save the present Hard drive in your existing one

    They are all different, but it may have screws on the casing to allow it to be pulled apart. If so, just check in there for any loose cables, or burnt out electronics (by the way generally you will not see a fault on a faulty external case controller)



    It could also be the USB cable itself
  5. Donz

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    Ok, I will go out and buy a new case and hope that does the trick, but I already did pull it apart, used the sata cables from my dvd drive and connected it to the HDD.
    When I turned the pc on it dectected my default internal HDD but it didnt detect my external that I connected to the sata cables from my dvd drive.

    After i said not detected it went to the windows loading screen then crashes and just repeats.

    I also disconnected the external then waited for the PC to boot up and then connect without a response.

    Anyhow, I will go and buy the new case and see if that solves the problem.

    Thanks for your help
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