External HD Power Failure- Put it in HD Enclosure?

By GLeavitt
Feb 7, 2005
  1. My Maxtor 160 Gig External Hard Drive has power problems and won't start up. First no power- and then the blue light goes on but no whirling start up. Can I remove it from the casing and pop it into one of those hard drive enclosures and get the power from there?
  2. Crack

    Crack TS Rookie

    Where is it getting the power from when it is external? If it is from your power supply inside your pc, you may need a bigger one.
  3. GLeavitt

    GLeavitt TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Power from Wall Outlet

    It is an external drive so it gets its power from a wall outlet. I have tried different outlets and different cords to no avail.
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