External HDD that's now internal only appears in BIOS?

By fendertele
Jun 14, 2011
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  1. hey ive been having a problem with my external hdd which im now trying to run as an internal one.

    basically yesterday it was working fine as an external then i started to get " delayed write failure " or somethign like that and couldn't save E%$£ file.... and everytime it did this more files would disappear from the hd.

    I tried to run a diskcheck on it and it crashed half way through.. when i restarted the pc, the hd was no longer appearing and every now and then if i restarted it i could get it to show up in my computer but the hd was completly empty and also whoing it was now RAW.

    Someone suggested mounting it internally which i did, and as soon i startedu up great my xp recognized it and installed it and i thought it was going to work... then the delayed write failure hting popped up again and boom gone from my computer.... and since then its being recognized in bios as a slave driver... but cant be found in device manager, disk management or by any programs like test disk.. nothing only in bios.

    is there anythign that can be done as i have like 10 years of recorded music over time built up on it... the hdd aint that old but i transferred at some point from pc to it :(

  2. fendertele

    fendertele TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone got any ideas even if its long shots im willing to try just about anything


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