External Laptop Video Card

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I was wondering if anyone knows of an external video card for laptops that allows for better game play. I have googled and looked all over and have found external video cards for laptops that allows one to hook into another display for better performance.

What I am looking for is different though. I have a crappy integrated chips on my laptops mobos and I am looking to be able to play more recent MMO's without having to purchase a new machine and/or monitor.

Is there a product available that allows one to plug an external video card into either a pcmcia slot or usb that would be comprable to upgrading a video card on a desktop, that would enhance the performace on the laptop and laptop monitor without having to purchase another display etc?

I haven't been able to locate one as of yet, but I imagine it would be a pretty good piece of software for mobile gamers looking to be able to get faster FPS and performance out of their lappys.

Thanks for reading and any ideas are appreciated.



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There are, namely Magma's Expressbox, ASUS's XGStation and MSI's Luxium, but these need to be hooked up to an external screen and the bandwidth of the card is limited to PCI-E x1. They're also expensive, but they're a solution at least. But unless you've already got a monitor, there's no point going for one.
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