External network hard drive - Ethernet + eSATA

By deanlaing12
Feb 17, 2012
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  1. Sorry... have i missed something? O.0
    No one knows...?

    Second attempt at trying to explain

    External Hard Drive: ----> eSata ----> Gaming Laptop.
    External Hard Drive: ---> Ethernet---> Router ---> Ethernet--->Xbox 360.
    External Hard Drive: ---> Ethernet---> Router ---> Ethernet---> PC
    External Hard Drive: ---> Ethernet---> Router ---> Wireless---> Laptop (Aunt's)

    First attempt at trying to explain.

    I want my laptop to be my gaming system.
    I want to store the games on an external Hard Drive.
    I need the connection to be eSata for Random Access Speeds.

    I also want my external hard drive to store films/music/pictures etc...
    I also want other computers on the home group to be able to access this, Ethernet or wireless. (Ethernet to router, then wireless)

    What type of hard drive am i looking for?
    What sort of price range will it be for a 1TB?

    My laptop has much better gaming specs than my PC will ever have.

    I want the laptop to access the hard drive through eSata but when the laptop is not turned on, the attention from the hard drive is pushed towards the other side of the network.

    How do i do it?
    How much will such hardware cost?
    Is it possible?
    Is it difficult to setup?

    I heard that if the Hard Drive has eSata, it WON'T have any pc software to allow Ethernet compatibility on it's own, therefor my laptop must be turned on at all times? (is there a way to get round this problem?)
  2. deanlaing12

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    Bump...Getting my 40 megabit internet on Thursday, was hopping to have had this by then but it doesn't look like it.

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