External USB disk not recognised (after file cleanup..)

By josep90
Jun 5, 2007
  1. HI folks...

    Hope someone can help with my problem...

    I have an external USB disk drive which until yesterday was functioning perfectly. Yesteday evening i cleaned up the drive, and backup lots of data.

    When connecting today windows (XP SP2 - fully updated) popped up the new hardware found wizard - strange as the disk has been in use for over a year on all installed USB ports..

    Initially i though it a local machine OS issue, but have ruled that out by connecting to another pc which has recongised the disk on previous occasions...

    so...( please correct me if im wrong) either ive deleted something on the external disk that i should not have, or the disk is faulty for some reason ( assuming this as the problem occurs on multiple machines)

    any ideas please folks.. ?

  2. josep90

    josep90 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    found the problem - seems the usb controller in the external casing is buggered..

    installed the disk in a desktop and the data is still there...

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