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Extremely slow pc, and too little cash to buy upgrades

By imranies ยท 6 replies
Nov 6, 2008
  1. hello to the generous-in-giving-support members of techspot :D

    Firstly, i'm sorry if this is the wrong topic for this thread. i think that this is most related to my problem...

    As you saw from my system spec, I only got a couple MB of RAMs, little amount of Ghz, but i got tons of programs i need to run (spybot, avira, firewall, photoshop, etc2). but the real problem is, my currency is not yet at a level where i could buy hardware upgrades.

    So this is my question...what can i do--for free, or using very small amount of cash--to speed up my computer?
    - are there any software i can use to speed up my pc?
    - can i delete some windows programs, or some system processes, without damaging the pc?
    - are there some programs that came with windows that are not really necessary, and can be deleted? (maybe like this svchost.exe...i saw this thing consume tons of resources)

    Your ideas and support are greatly appreciated :D
  2. insoman

    insoman TS Booster Posts: 102

    DO NOT delete svhost this is part of windows! Have you had a look in your BIOS for some speed tweaks? I.E. settings to do with DRAM or CPU.
  3. skarmory2002

    skarmory2002 TS Rookie Posts: 44

    Well, Ram is relatively cheap right now. If you can afford it, and if your mobo supports it, I would suggest upgrading to 1gb or ram. If it is SD Ram (has two notches in) then you should be looking around 69 dollars, if it is DDR then probably about 50. Depends on where you are though. The best thing to do to help speed up your system is delete any entries from your startup folder in the start menu. This will keep programs from running right at bootup and should help to give you a boost. The one thing to keep in mind is if you are not comfortable with computers, i suggest having someone else, who is comfortable with it to do the work for you.
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    First, manage your user-id startups associated with your login-id
    use your Explorer to navigate to
    C:\Documents and Settings\YourLoginId\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    and remove as much as possible; Other than the desktop.ini file, everything there
    should be a shortcut and will not damage your system by removing it.​

    Now use an admin login, navigate to
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    and remove these startups too​

    Still running on an admin account launch Spybot S&D
    on the left panel, click Tools
    check the box for [x] System Startups
    click the left panel Startups
    and examine what (applications) run at boot time; here's a list that are not necessary which can be disabled by clearing the [x] in front of each
    • HK_LM:Run, Adobe Reader Speed Launcher (DISABLED)
    • HK_LM:Run, ApntEx (DISABLED)
    • HK_LM:Run, CanonSolutionMenu (DISABLED) <my printer software>
    • HK_LM:Run, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11b (DISABLED)
    • HK_LM:Run, EzButton (DISABLED) <toshiba laptop specific>
    • HK_LM:Run, HotKeysCmds (DISABLED) <ditto>
    • HK_LM:Run, IgfxTray (DISABLED) <ditto>
    • HK_LM:Run, iTunesHelper (DISABLED) <will start when iTunes starts>
    • HK_LM:Run, medic (DISABLED)
    • HK_LM:Run, nmctxth (DISABLED)
    • HK_LM:Run, PCSuiteTrayApplication (DISABLED) <cell phone tool>
    • HK_LM:Run, QuickTime Task (DISABLED) <will start with Quicktime>
    • HK_LM:Run, SpybotSnD (DISABLED) <even this is not required>
    • HK_LM:Run, SunJavaUpdateSched (DISABLED) <any 'updater' can be run manually>
    • HK_LM:Run, THotkey (DISABLED) <more laptop stuff>
    • HK_CU:Run, Nokia.PCSync (DISABLED) <cell phone tool>
    • HK_CU:Run, QuickTime Task (DISABLED) <note Current user is diff than LM>

    Lastly use run->services.msc to set as many services as possible as MANUAL startup; here's my list
    ClipBook		Disabled
    Security Center		Disabled
    SSDP Discovery Service		Disabled
    Telnet		Disabled
    .NET Runtime Optimization Service v2.0.50727_X86		Manual
    Apache2		Manual
    Apple Mobile Device		Manual
    Application Management		Manual
    ASP.NET State Service		Manual
    Background Intelligent Transfer Service		Manual
    COM+ System Application		Manual
    CYGWIN sshd		Manual
    Distributed Link Tracking Client		Manual
    Distributed Transaction Coordinator		Manual
    HTTP SSL		Manual
    IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service		Manual
    Indexing Service		Manual
    Intuit QuickBooks FCS		Manual
    iPod Service	Started	Manual
    IPSEC Services		Manual
    Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service		Manual
    MS Software Shadow Copy Provider		Manual
    MySQL		Manual
    Net Logon		Manual
    NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing		Manual
    Network DDE		Manual
    Network DDE DSDM		Manual
    Network Provisioning Service		Manual
    NT LM Security Support Provider		Manual
    Performance Logs and Alerts		Manual
    Portable Media Serial Number Service		Manual
    PRTG Service		Manual
    Pure Networks Net2Go Service		Manual
    Pure Networks Platform Service		Manual
    QBCFMonitorService		Manual
    Remote Access Auto Connection Manager		Manual
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager		Manual
    Remote Packet Capture Protocol v.0 (experimental)		Manual
    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator		Manual
    Remote Registry		Manual
    Removable Storage		Manual
    Routing and Remote Access		Manual
    ServiceLayer		Manual
    Smart Card		Manual
    Symantec Core LC		Manual
    Uninterruptible Power Supply		Manual
    Universal Plug and Play Device Host		Manual
    VNC Server Version 4		Manual
    WebClient		Manual
    Windows Installer		Manual
    Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions		Manual
    WMI Performance Adapter		Manual
  5. imranies

    imranies TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    hey all,

    I'm terribly sorry for the late reply, because i've been busy with study lately...need to catch up after the recent virus attack on my pc a week ago :p

    ok, i'm gonna try to do the process you've recommended. thanks for the info :D
  6. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,729   +409

    If its the comp in your system specs, go over to www.crucial.com and use their memory advisor. I think you'd need ddr2 RAM, in which case its really cheap right now. Your notebook can probably support up to 2 gigs if its a Core processor which it looks like it is. Crucial will have more detailed information. Then buy that spec'd RAM from whoever you can, it should be pretty cheap.

    1 gig, if thats all you can afford will help. 2 will help a lot. That 512 you are running now just isn't very much to run XP on anymore
  7. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

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