Eye candy: Epic shows off Unreal Engine 2017 features

Julio Franco

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Gears of War, Street Fighter V, Sea of Thieves, Rocket League, LawBreakers, what do they all have in common? All those games were built using the Unreal Engine. GDC 2017 (Game Developers conference) is under way and Epic is showing off the features they have planned for Unreal Engine in 2017.

If you're a developer, you can check out these release notes for changes in UE 4.15 which include optimizations in overall stability and improvements to runtime performance and compile times. For the rest of us, the eye candy on the video above gives us a glimpse of what's coming in computer graphics and gaming titles effective immediately.

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Creating game worlds in VR seems like it would be the best way to go about it but how do they make it intuitive?


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Unreal engine without any games.. this ain't 1934
I think I ate my own words today, my comment was based on the fact barely any developers have touched Unreal Engine 4. Today Techspot has two articles of two different developers showing off them using Unreal Engine 4 xD