Facebook CEO: I've made every mistake you could think of


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Facebook had a big announcement this week regarding a new messaging platform but separate to that, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke for over an hour at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. In the in-depth interview with Tim O'Reilly and Federated Media's John Battelle, Zuckerberg was surprisingly laid back (compared to his other previous interviews) and it quickly became clear that he, while eloquently avoiding some questions, was being as open as possible. In fact, he was particul...

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Facebook has got alot worse over the past few months (seems alot more unstable aswell). It gets people like me really angry when i log in to find another "facebook for the better" change, when it's obviously nothing of the like...He needs a slap in the face if he thinks his website is getting any better...

It's mad that this guys a billionare!...


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The biggest mistake of them all is, he hasn't been able to convince me and Captain to sign up for his foolbook site. :rolleyes:


What do you expat from Facebook ?
It was Lucky time , but it doesn`t necessary means you are able to growth. I could bet, that in 5-7 years people will forget about Facebook.


I have not been on Facebook nor do I ever plan to. The secret to Facebook seems to get a bunch of gullible people to post there life stories, laugh at them, call them names and make money off them.


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I wish Facebook would die but I don't think it will, People (such as a few of my very friends) love spying on each other and reading every update each other does and looking at holiday photos to take the piss out of each other, its basically one big bitching arena but online!

Things like that just won't go away now because its been made too popular, hell one girl I know checks her facebook every 30 minutes from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep! she even leaves her phone on loud and most the time she just gets junk come through in the middle of the night but it wakes her up to then check it again!

But honestly, I wish it would die so that people can get back to socialising face-to-face and stop stalking each other.

I feel same way to online dating, I wish it would die because i've had 3 friends now that met guys online and all 3 have either been beaten up by the guy or they've had a restraining ordered against them in court.

Go outside, go to the pub or a work do or organise a holiday away, anything! just go and Socialise without using the internet!

Anyway, i'll stop rambiling now :)


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Also to note it is ok to socialise online, just not to the extremeity of actually meeting a girlfriend/boyfriend online or checking facebook every few minutes. There must be a medical condition to someone who checks facebook every 30 minutes surely?


The movie about you was awesome. It clearly showed what an *** hole you are.

Plus, if you did made or will make every imaginable mistake, then at some point you will worth a cool $0.00


I canceled my facebook page do to lack of securities/privacy, which you clearly have no intention of fixing any time soon.


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Generation Y seems to have this inane need to "be connected" 24/7 which is the driving force behind Facebook. I have an account, but very rarely log-on. And when I do, it's about a 60 second drill and that's it.

Agreed about the online dating thing. "I wish it would die because i've had 3 friends now that met guys online and all 3 have either been beaten up by the guy or they've had a restraining ordered against them in court." I've experienced the guy version of that. Not violent women, but the women I've met via online dating have flat-out lied about everything and anything on their profile, including their photos which are either not them altogether, or taken years earlier. Seriously, how do you expect to establish a relationship when right off the bat there is wholesale lying? There are definitely better ways to find a date.


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That's because - social intelligence wise (and not only) - you are an *****, Zuke. You are a nerd who rarely naturally socialized, this being the main reason why you created Facebook in the first place.
And, of course, this is my personal, inalienable view.

From the wikipedia page that opens when you type your name, i quote:

"They [you and your mates] had already turned down offers by major corporations to buy out Facebook. In an interview in 2007, Zuckerberg explained his reasoning:

"It's not because of the amount of money. For me and my colleagues, the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. Having media corporations owned by conglomerates is just not an attractive idea to me."

Really? Dunno if you checked lately, but you OWN one of those big corporations. And that is a perfect example of hypocrisy. I think many information gathering agencies are thankful for that information flow, though. And for you keeping user personal info after they delete it too.


What he said about designing messaging as if you were designing it from scratch with what we know today is exactly what Google said they were doing with Buzz and Wave. Both have had all the problems of a Facebook (privacy, security), and no advantages over email.

There's only SO MUCH I want to hear from people I know. If I NEED to talk to them instantly, guess what, I'll call them. If I can't get through, oh effing well. That's life.