Facebook problems

By sadgyrl514
May 23, 2011
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  1. If this is posted in the wrong category I apologize....

    For over a month now Facebook has been giving me problems no matter which browser I use to access it. Sometimes it will load and work for maybe 20 minutes (if that) and then stop working and show "page can not be displayed". If I exit the browser and try to leave it alone and go back to it later it doesn't load at all for facebook.

    I have asked on many forums and I was told to try to uninstall and install again the browsers or clearing the history and cache then I was told to try a different anti virus and maybe try to install spy bot, someone suggested updating my windows, updating java, flash, etc then I was told to try from a different computer within my network, and same thing happens on any computer.

    So then I was told maybe its my network connection, or possibly internet connection which is impossible, because facebook is the ONLY website that gives me problems like this.

    I don't know anyone else who is having this specific problem, so its kind of driving me insane. I would REALLY appreciate any help with this.


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