Social Facebook won't fully load



Im on Chrome, have tried on IE but most of the groups Im in arnt showing me any discussion
and I cant post anything



Hi everyone I am getting frustrated I have tried everything on here to get my facebook to load. can anyone give me more suggest ens please.
And I thought it was just me. This is happening to me. I have a brand new hp touchscreen windows 8.1.
I have been having the very same problem.


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I woke up this morning, (no changes from last night), and found I was having this issue. Every other website would load with no issues, while facebook had the continually loading circle on the tab, and no images would appear. (Firefox, windows 10)

learninmypc said:
"Might I suggest you use Firefox & go to Tools>Options>Advanced>Click the Network Tab & make sure NO PROXY is checked. Now try going to & see if you can get in."

After doing this, closing and re-opening FF, the issue was resolved. Thanks!


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You should check your internet properties, ipv4
just go to network and sharing center, manage adapters and right click on local area network / wireless adapter depending on what you use, then double click on ipv4. I had same problem and when I opened ipv4 properties my dns was set manually for some reason, I've set it to automatic again and downloaded chrome again and it worked



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I am not getting no error message at all. this is what comes up when I log in

This is a networking problem loading the CSS content which controls the formatting. It's happened here on TS as well as other sites when the server that has the CSS content ( typically a CDN server) is offline or inaccessible for any reason. There's nothing you can do about it either, sigh.