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Facebook won't load, but other sites work just fine

By Veruska ยท 10 replies
Jan 29, 2015
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  1. I can access Facebook using its app on my iPhone but it won't load on my Mac using Safari or Chrome. I've seen a bunch of previous threads covering the same question but mostly dated more than 5 years ago. I never had this problem until now. I tried to follow a recurrent suggestion on this forum to try to ping facebook.com, which I did using terminal.app. What I see here is a never ending loop in the console but I don't know how do deal with those results. What am I doing wrong?
  2. vis12345

    vis12345 TS Booster Posts: 72

    This is a known issue. Read more details here.
  3. Warrens

    Warrens TS Rookie

    Have you tried clearing you cached files, cookies and browsing history? I had the same problem with Facebook and Tumblr and with a news site I go to occasionally. Those sites would only load partially and it seemed like at certain times of the day it was worse or better. Other websites worked perfectly. I assumed it was something serious and tried all kinds of crap and was reluctant to delete stored files because I knew I would have to sign back into every site that required a password. Anyway, I finally deleted almost everything besides some crucial stuff (auto fill and saved pass words). I use Chrome mostly and it's "history/clear browsing data". And facebook loads as fast as it ever did now and so does every site I use. This was obviously my problem. Go ahead and clean out all your cached files in all the browsers you use just be prepared to resign back into all the sites that require a password. It really did work for me.
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  4. sushmarai

    sushmarai TS Rookie

    Even I cannot open my account, in any browsers. My husband was signed on Chorme and Explorer, I signed him out and signed on my account. I received this message " Sorry something went wrong. we're working on it...... we can." Because of this message even, he can't sign on now. I have been googling and tried all the tips. Even downloaded Opera, I signed on with my husband's account, it worked. I signed him off and I signed with my address, back to the same message:'(:mad:
  5. Kyle Hinrichs

    Kyle Hinrichs TS Rookie

    I am having the exact same problem as you and I don't understand why its happening either. one minute I was on my facebook messaging my friend and next minute it won't load a page at all when I checked on my phone it send me to the "sorry something went wrong" page like you said. My mother can load hers but not mine on her phone and I had to show her how to delete her app data and cache in order for it to force log me out on her phone just so she could log back in on hers...the worst part is that we can't even contact facebook about it because they don't have a legitimate support system...
  6. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    Article cited was dated Jan, 2015 - - Now in October, that response can only be viewed as "interesting", and may not be applicable to the state of facebook NOW.
  7. choppam

    choppam TS Rookie

    I did what Warrens suggested on 3 Feb - cleared cookies and cached files in Chrome. It worked.
  8. Kyle Hinrichs

    Kyle Hinrichs TS Rookie

    I found out that if you create a business account on facebook and link it with your personal account it should give you access to your account again that's how I managed to unlock my white screen of death.
  9. Shaukatt Ali

    Shaukatt Ali TS Rookie

    Yes this happened with me as well, after deleting the browser history and the data in the temp folder which was more than 5GBs , its working totally fine now...
  10. apollo1923

    apollo1923 TS Rookie

    Why cant I load facebook site
  11. Sue Horstkamp

    Sue Horstkamp TS Rookie

    Facebook page won't fully load. Page comes up with banner and picture but rest of page is blank. I'm using an older version of Safari (4.1.3) on Mac system 10.4.11. It was working fine then one day it stopped. A few days later it started working again and then stopped again. It has not worked since. Any suggestions?

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