"Failed to access NetBT driver" - A different solution to all the usual ones.

By MrPersians
Apr 12, 2007
  1. "Failed to access NetBT driver"

    Well after looking around for an answer to this same problem I came across your forums which offered a whole bunch of alternatives which didn't work for me (in another closed thread).
    Just letting you know the answer for me in the end for this problem was that it was a virus living in:

    C:\windows\system32 called mssnger.exe

    The virus is set as being hidden so you'll need to enable the viewing of hidden files to see it.

    Use a program like hijackthis from www.merijn.org to remove the dodgy reg key. (It'll contain the word mssnger.exe)
    And use something like moveonboot to set the file for deletion on next startup if you are having problems deleting it.

    Hope this helps anyone who is having the same problem with NetBT.
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