Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection?

By acdougla17
Jul 11, 2010
  1. Okay, so last night I disconnected my hard drive and put a different one in to install XP SP3 on. So after the installation went fine, I can't connect to the internet. When I try to repair the connection, this error immediately pops up that says...
    "Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection."
    I have done some searching on how to fix this and have yet to find a solution that worked. So if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I would love to hear them. Also, what does this error actually mean? What is the TCP/IP and why does it need to query it?
  2. jobeard

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    You're going to need drivers for any of the on-board devices (video, network, sound)

    right click on My Computer -->Manage
    • dbl-click on Device Manager
    • you will see [+] in front of the major device types
    • click on the [+] Network adapters
    any with a Yellow or Red mark need attention

    for each so marked, be sure to to report the complete name shown

    TCP is the ability to connect to the Internet and there are at least three ways to do that
    1. a wired Ethernet NIC
    2. a wireless adaptor
    3. a dial-up modem (uck!)
    Don't get confused with the 1394 Net Adaptor; that's a Firewire driver for special high speed devices, eg HDs
  3. acdougla17

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    Thank you for solving such a simple problem. I thought I installed the Drivers already because I had grabbed one of the disc's in my mobo box that said "Driver Installation Disc" and it turned out it was my graphics card disc (I guess I should read the labels more carefully). So I just threw in the disc that came with my mobo and its all good now. I always end up making things more complicated then they need to be.
  4. jobeard

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    Don't feel so bad - - It has happend to all of us
    define Assume:
    making an *** out of U & ME :wave:​
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