'Faint Grain' email attachment

By emcee47
Feb 21, 2009
  1. Well, the short question is: does anyone know what this is? I've found it attached to various emails and, on the odd occasion my curiosity got the better of me, I opened it in Windows Picture Manager or whatever and found a square .jpg of exactly what it says on the label - a cream-coloured faint grain background ... so assume it was simply a letter background maybe used by the sender.
    However, a recent mailing led to a response from a friend saying that, when she tried to open it, information relating to a porn site was displayed.
    So the longer question obviously has to be whether my machine is infected with something or whether this attachment is as innocuous as it appears when I open it myself.
    For reference, my email provider is IncrediMail but I can't find any information about this on their Help Center either. A Google search reveals the existence of this strange little attachment but, from what I can see, no-one else has either identified it or reported any 'nasty' attachment, apart from my friend.
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    i also gave in to curiousity and wanted to see what this little attachment was. i don't, but interesting enough, he too runs incredimail. anyway - i opened it with adobe photoshop album starter and put it on slide show. always shows alot of pics, though nothing pornographic. some of the pics are from sites i've been to, some i have no idea where they came from. here's some interesting similarities though about the majority of pics, warren is an avide fisherman and alot of the pics are about fishing: i am a diver and alot of the pics have to do with scuba. there are also alot of pics from advertisments (web-based) that come up with the browser or what ever. some of the pics are from sites i've been too though not many.

    the only link i see so far is incredimail. does your friend use incredimail? he uses charter media for his internet connection out of del norte county in calif., mine is att.

    my antivirus is CA which has never indicated a problem. i will keep researching to see if i can't find out more on this issue, i'm am curious as hell tofind out what it is and where it comes from.
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    'Faint Grain'

    I'm starting to think that the IncrediMail is a connection here - although being on the free version of it, any attempt to find key words leads to at least a couple of hundred options - which I really don't have the time for so far. Maybe I may just ask them in an email ... if I get anywhere, I'll obviously post back again. Thanks for the help.
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