Faint monitor lines issue?


TS Rookie
Hi Techspot, just looking for some advice or feedback regarding this issue... and if there is anything I can try before I ship it away for warranty with Kogan, I've had the monitor for less then 2 weeks :(

I've come to notice a strange issue with the kogan ultrawide monitor Tim reviewed a few months back, its most noticeable on dark grey ( such as Steam ) or sky blue colours it appears that there are very faint but noticeable white (brighter) horizontal lines going thru the panel .. I would tend to think its a defect and is most noticeable on those colours... its also very hard to capture a photo of the issue but it is def there... have tried different hdmi/dp cable and changing monitor settings refresh rate etc. the issue is present even in the motherboard bios so cant be a windows problem... any ideas??

I've made a video to explain the issue as it's quite hard to describe , just wondering if anyone has come across this problem before? Thanks

(watch in 4k if possible , might make it easier to see)