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By cjmagnum · 5 replies
Apr 7, 2010
  1. Game crashes every time i press play... please don't tell me its my video card, i can play oblivion perfectly and have been for a long time, so i hope this isn't too much more advanced than oblivion or i'll cry.
    My comp blue screened around installing and i tried to uninstall and it went to installing it again so i did that and still won't start

    thank you for your time
  2. EXCellR8

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    just because you can play oblivion doesn't mean anything. sure, it's the same game engine but FO3 is a newer game (thus newer build) which requires newer drivers and updates. if you haven't updated your video drivers start there and download the latest Fallout 3 patch. if you're still having problems, you can post your minidump files in the BSOD forum; make sure to also post your complete system specs including what operating system the computer is using.
  3. BEPOS

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    yeah as he said
  4. BEPOS

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    they did a good game (Fallout 3) but the finish is deplorable :(:(:)(
    you have to kill yourself for the water purifier to stop the radiation level or you can put an virus there too but still the same thing ,you die and all people can drink purified water, you die and people drink purified water+any radiation poisoned thing wil die(with the virus), or u can convince the girl from brotherhood of steel(i dont remeber her name, maybe Lion somethin...)but u cant play farther to see how the world is better :(

    If they planned a Fallout 4 for that , then is good ,if no then :dead:
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    If you have the PC version why don't you get one of the many mods that let you play after the game ends? You may also look into the broken steel dlc which changes the ending and adds new quests and places. If the ones you find don't work with the latest version you may try the FOOKv2 mod which, if I remember correctly, has a version of a play after main quest mod integrated into it.

    To cjmagnum

    If you are still having trouble after updating your drivers, I would think the 2 best places for help on this specific subject might be bethesdas official forum, and the nexus forums.

    I have also found that fallout 3 suffers from some issues with certain soundcards so if you are still having trouble try updating your soundcard drivers, or if you have and you are using a creative soundcard and vista, you may want to try creative alchemy. Though if you are getting bsods you may want to try other things first.

    As for the engine, both fallout 3 and oblivion use different versions of the gabebryo engine, though i have been lead to believe that neither of them used the latest version for their time.

  6. vectorsigma32

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    fallout3 it alot harder on a pc then oblivion XD iv got both and my system plays 1 and not the other XD
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