Fallout: New Vegas will use Steam for DRM

By Matthew · 72 replies
Jun 9, 2010
  1. Bullshit is all I can say I am so ****ing pissed right now that I am getting boned in the *** from actually paying for the game. **** any game that has bulltshit DRM like this I WILL not pay for games like this again.
  2. There is an easy answer to this. Steam sucks. I loved it for a few months, bought several games and had one keep crashing. I opened a ticket and was told "contact the publisher". So I did, they (Square) said that Windows 7 was supported but not 64 bit. This was not mentioned on steam. So I added to my ticket, over two weeks Steam failed to respond. I asked for a refund and uninstalled the game, no response. I updated the ticket again, and told them I was doing a charge back, they closed the ticket. I did the charge back.
    They locked me out of my account. Every title lost! I reverse a $44.99 charge because the title does not work and no one will support it and Valce blocks my access to $200 worth of software? They refused to even acknowledge the issue.
    I eventually yelled loud enough to resolve 80% of it, but they still owe me that money. In the mean time, I won't risk anything steam again. I've been burned once and don't want to rely on a company that might get a whim to say block my access to every game I own.
  3. I completely believe that Obsidian/Bethesda have the right to require activation of their games however they should not make it a requirement that you have internet access. Not everyone in this world has internet at home, me included. A call in activation option for non-internet users should be offered. I hope they see the error of their ways and rectify this.

    My solution is to give my PC over to a friend who will connect it to his internet and get the game installed so I can play it.
  4. I have such issues with steam because I also got fallout NV and just like other people have said we cant install it because it hasn't been released yet?! Seriously wtf if i have a legit copy in my hand how the hell hasn't it been released?
    Way to fu*k off your eager customers.
  5. Not acceptable. Not even a little bit. Don't ever treat the user like a potential criminal. I don't care if it's better than Ubisoft's DRM, it's still DRM. It's still an insult to the user and an unnecessary restriction.
  6. red1776

    red1776 Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Posts: 5,224   +164

    I can only conclude that some of you are about 12 years of age. Its an insult to have to verify who you are and that you own it? ...really? well guess what kiddies. when you grow up, you have to verify who you are and ownership for just about everything but a church dinner.
    I suppose then you would not want the bank to "insult the customer" and "treat them like a criminal" by asking Joe blow for verification that they are the owner of the checking account when they walk in and try to withdraw on your account then?...or running around with your credit cards?
  7. I am waiting 1 hour and 15min just to play. It must connect to steam update or whatever? This is about the 5th time I have played. I will never purchase another steam game. This is ridicules to wait over an hour just for the game to load. Never again...
  8. I agree whole heartedly. DRM and a requirement for online activation is a joke and insult. My verification is that I went out and paid for the item with money I earned. Pirates are a problem to the game developers not me I pay the retail price, agree to the EULA at install and do not lend my game to anyone else. I I can see their problem but honestly, its their problem not mine.

    Yet my game experience is reduced because I have to deal with 3rd parties and internet connection limits and associated expenses so they can make sure someone else isn't ripping them off. Ultimately it hurts them not me as a gamer, I just buy something else. If they can make it work on X360 without any additional verification then why not PC?
  9. do you work for steam or just own stock? There are hundreds if not thousands of people that not only mind if there's DRM imposed via steam or any other neo-nazi group, realize that it's just greed and it has ruined gaming forever. It's truly amazing to see people think it's ok and worse to think that it's a good idea! What communist / socialist country are you from? You pay full price for a game and then someone else tells you when and if you can play it... But what's more amazing than that is that you were able to type your lame assed thoughts, I guess not everyone who rides the short bus in completely insane...
  10. Its another case of diabolical liberty taken again, If i knew steam was required i wouldnt have bothered. I am a helluva fan of Fallout but this is ridiculous, and this crap about; "Cannot be installed yet because it has not been released yet" is PATHETIC. What in the name of all thats holy is the point of that? to hell with steam and quite possibly Bethesda for selling out to such a company.
  11. vangrat

    vangrat TS Rookie Posts: 223

    STEAM Phail

    So I got my hands on FONV last night, and began installs. Steam freezes, steam crashes, steam locks up. I do a full reinstall of steam, repeat, repeat, repeat. Finally after two hours of trying to get the game to install, steam did not freeze, lock up, or give me the finger. I honestly do not mind having FONV on steam, but they should have allowed it to be installed directly from disc so that people would not have to put up with this crap.

    Okay rant done.
  12. You all sound like are a bunch of bloody vaginas queefing in the wind. Boohoo steam! How dare companies try to get paid for their products.

    DRM is a way of life now. It is the price legitimate gamers have to pay due to the rampant piracy that has gone on in the last decade. This games are massive. They are huge freaking projects. The quality of these games is constantly improving. It takes more money than you will ever see in your life to get these projects going. Bethsoft deserves to get paid for releasing awesome games. I loved Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls.

    I played those games for upwards to 60-80 hours each. I got my money's worth 3 times over. I agree that DRM sucks when it doesn't work correctly. I cursed GFWL for an entire weekend when I bought Fallout 3. Steam is a 1000 times better than GFWL. It looks like Steam is doing a pretty good job to me. Of all my friends that use steam, we have noticed very few issues, and I havn't had a single problem with New Vegas so far.

    Consumer rights violation? Grow the F*ck up. If you don't have an internet connection, don't buy a DRM encrypted game. These gaming companies are going to make much more off of the turds who are forced to pay for their game instead of pirating it then they would lose off of a few people living in the 1980s still.

  13. I paid £50 for a pre-ordered Collectors Editioin at my local (u.k.) dealership.
    Now i find that I have a box of plastic novelty items and a game I can't play as I don't have an always online connection!
    Whoopee! What a bargain...thanks, Steam...and thank you, GAME.
  14. The default steam setup is to download the game even when I have the DVD. Duh! After finding the fix to get around that and installing the game, it won't start. I click on play and nothing happens.

    I won't EVER buy another steam activated product.
  15. Nope, its not. That's shitting in the face of two-hundred years of American tradition to complain about all of the self-righteous pricks out there who think its cool to build package deals that fail to acknowledge exactly what is valued. I am not paying for Steam, I don't want Steam, and the simple fact of it is, I would rather pay more not to have it. Too bad that isn't an option.

    Now that I think about it, that would be a good, slimy business to get into: charging extra to remove invasive services from products. Reminds me a bit of that Alice in Wonderland anecdote where Alice can either pay a large fee for one egg or a small fee for a dozen eggs. She inquires into the reasoning behind the price scheme and finds out that if she buys the dozen she has to eat them all right then and there.

    -The Dr.-
  16. Look folks. STEAM is there only for advertising more games and getting your money that way. Not for stopping piracy. This game was cracked in five hours. ANYONE can just go and download it for free if they want. STEAM is there to make more money. For this reason I ain't buying but giving them the finger ! I ain't playing either. Just not worth it after this trick. Lost respect towards them.
  17. oasis789

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    i dont see whats wrong with steam. i dont need an internet connection on to play every time, right?
  18. vangrat

    vangrat TS Rookie Posts: 223

    While I agree, Steam is not a full proof DRM solution. I would rather that companies jump on board with Steam, than some of the other craptastic ideas they have had recently. Yes Steam can be a pain to install with sometimes. But overall, I can learn to live with this.

    As for you not buying the game because they use Steam. This sounds to me more as a cop out then any real truth. Just admit that you do not want to pay for the game because you are cheap. Steam is not so bad that it is a deal breaker, and since there are ways around it, what is the big deal for you?
  19. I think this "Steam" thing is a load of rubbish!!! Not only do you pay alot for the game, it does not install, then Steam wants to download 7GB of data even though all the data is on the disk. What a load of absolute SH!T!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed off and disappointed. I really enjoyed Fallout 3. Pity someone had this STUPID idea. Perhaps we should use V.A.T.S and shoot them in the head!!!!
  20. "I can only conclude that some of you are about 12 years of age. Its an insult to have to verify who you are and that you own it? ...really? well guess what kiddies. when you grow up, you have to verify who you are and ownership for just about everything but a church dinner.
    I suppose then you would not want the bank to "insult the customer" and "treat them like a criminal" by asking Joe blow for verification that they are the owner of the checking account when they walk in and try to withdraw on your account then?...or running around with your credit cards?"

    Wow, you're not even remotely interested in taking what I said into context, are you? This is not a checking account. Your comparison is *****ic at best. It isn't even remotely applicable because verifying your checking account information is about protecting the customer. DRM is about abusing the customer under the guise of protecting the company. No, I'm not 12-years old. Your irrelevant comparison leads me to believe that you may be, though. In fact, I am in favor of freedom from *unnecessary* restrictions. That's why I won't be buying this, but I might buy a few games from Gog.com instead. Older games, but you have freedom.

    I just tried Steam to see if it wasn't so bad, and at first I started to change my mind, but I have to say, the guy who said "Steam is like the rapist who uses condoms and lube and pats you on the head afterwards. You still just got assraped." pretty much got it right.
  21. red1776

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    assraped"? really? okay ...13 years of age. The fact is bozo, they have a right to protect their work from being ripped off. and as a 12 year old, you come up with "assraped" while being pissed off at the people who are tired of having their product stolen, rather than the people who pirate software and bring the industry to its current form of DRM. If you want to be pissed off, it should be at the people who are stealing the software. BTW, it is about protecting the customer as well. From higher software prices,busy servers, poor customer service, lower profits and less development budget. Theft cost's the PURCHASING consumer. Just like a checking account. What you were bitching about was having to verify ownership and identity, so once more, you have to do that constantly in life...which you will know when you grow up.
  22. screw steam i was wondering if i buy the game whether i could download a crack to to activate it or if theres any other way to bypass steam to activate cause my problem is i use a pay as you go usb so obviously its expensive if i need to to download 7 gbs of data its like approx 40 extra dollars.
    aqny ideas??
  23. wont buy this game because of the online activation, there should be more options to varify.
    my rig will NOT be put online, thats what the shitty laptop is for.
    if i buy a hard copy, single player game i expect to be able to play it "from the box".
    never bought a pirate game, might consider it now.
  24. i agree with guest above
  25. online activation for a local game??? WANK!!!
    My money is going elsewhere
    chew turds Bethesda
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