Fallout3 Freeze up

By wee1man
Mar 19, 2009
  1. Im playing Fallout 3 , im running gygabyte S-Series EP43-DS3 mobo , core2-duo 3.6 processor , asus nvidia ge-force 9800 GTX , 4 gig of ram, my whole computer freezes when i use the VAT system it works sometimes , its usually when i initiate VAT which is a weapons guidence system i think , people who play fallout3 will know, and sometimes on the occasion the whole game just freezes , any ideas ? it is not overclocked .
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    I experience similar problems, but for me the game doesnt completely freeze. When i enter VATS system, it acts like its going to freeze cause, then its fine. Theres a second or two delay when i enter VATS mode. Did that patch the person above me recommended help?
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