Fan/light blink, no startup

By insanewhitekid
Jul 9, 2010
  1. I ordered some new stuff, sound card, headset. So, i wanted to clean up my

    computer before it got to the house. so i cleaned out everything, looking nice. i

    put in the new Asus D2X and connect the Roccat Kave headset and the computer

    only started for a split second. at this point only the fans and such connected

    directly to my PSU would jitter / light up. So i took out my g

    GFX card and...waaala. It worked, so i messed around playing with the cool Asus

    software listening to 5.1 demos. Anyway I Talked to one of my friends who told me

    to reconnect the video card into the primary slot instead. So i tried it and it did the

    same thing again. Also i tried my backup video card with nothing doing. blinked

    and stutterd for a millisecond and stopped, as it did before. Now, it is clear, i felt

    relieved all it was, was the video card. so i can just use onboard until i find a good

    deal, because my audio setup cost me 260$. Basically the question here is

    why does it not work now as it did before i tried to setup the GFX card again. It

    acts like the graphics card is still in there shorting it out or something.

    please help, Thank you,

    Matt "eb3" Eberhardt
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