Fan-made Quest for Glory-inspired adventure/RPG game, Heroine's Quest, available for download

Russ Boswell

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This is just one more example of why PC gaming can be such a rewarding experience.  Way back in 1989, Sierra Entertainment and Activision graced the PC gaming world with Quest for Glory, a massive adventure/RPG hybrid set in the...

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The last Paragraph should read, it's only available for Windows, as I have a PC and run all three. Windows, Linux and Osx.


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While this may be a good game, I prob wouldnt even play it on a PC due to its low resolution. In my opinion, it would be more sutiable for a smartphone or tablet.


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I agree with jester376. It's hard for me to play a 320x200 game on the PC these days. Maybe on a small laptop screen. People don't realise that the common screen size at the time was 14", while current desktop screens are typically 24", so these games look worse than they did (if you play them full screen).


Activision had nothing to do with Quest for Glory, or any of Sierra's games, to be precise. The company was called "Sierra On-Line" back then, not Sierra Entertainment. Activision bought the rights to Sierra's IP only in 2008.