Overclocking Fans not spinning fast...

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Hey. First off, I have a Aerocool case, with 4 fans in it. It feels like the fans are almost blowing no air, so I checked the bios. The big fan in the front (120mm) is only spinning around 1300, and the others only around 1500! How would I up the speed these fans are rotating? I believe this is partly causing my video card artifacting, due to the heat not being removed from the case (and the card too). Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb gets hot damned near instantly to where it can burn your fingers!!!

edit--> Added a picture... 90 degrees WTF!?!?!?! I wish all my fans were going at 4000 RPMs, but only my CPU fan is now, and it has NEVER gone this fast! Im considering maybe bad paste on the CPU Heatsink... My Raden 9800 pro 128mb is so hot that if I was to touch it, it would burn me. I have the case open right now....



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Check your BIOS settings to see if you can find any problems with fan speed /temperature triggering you can find there. You may be able to up the speed form the bios as well
My fans are only spinning at 1500 RPM, they can spin at 7000 RPM safely. They are Aerocool 36CFM fans. One in, one out, and a big 120mm 49CFM going in.

I need to go buy a fan controller to crank them up. It's nice when my proc fan speeds up. Also, I fixed the heat problem by applying more therm paste, since it was dry and cracked.


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speed controler only can slow down the fan . if your fan is allready conected with out a speed controler thats all that fan well spin!!.
Mine tend to spin slowly unless its hot. I dont moan they use less power if there not spinning at their max.

You ppl shud clean your desktops. :dead:
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