Faulty cpu or the mb?

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i have an inteldbg850 motherboard think that it went out how do i find out. i hear no beeps ive tried 4 different graphic cards and 3 different monitors dont have a whole lot of money to replace computer right now. could it be the cpu or the motherboard and how can i tell. please help single father of 3


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Go back to the most basic setup you can imagine...
One memory module, one video connection, and a cd or a simple hard drive... or an external floppy drive with a Windows 98 disk.
Attempt a boot.
If no boot, change to the other memory module. Attempt another boot.

The idea is to try various simple boots, and avoid using the hard drive if you can... use a different hard drive known good with Windows 95 or windows 98 installed... or boot to a floppy boot disk or a CD with Windows 98, 95, or ME disk on it..
Motherboards are pretty solid, and the Intell is one of the better ones. Processors rarely go out.
Common failures are (1) dead memory module, (2) failed power supply, or (3) bad hard drive. Very often if any of those three are bad, the computer will not start up.
Testing the power supply is more difficult. Once simple test is to watch the back of the power supply with a strong light. Have somebody else press the <ON> button while you watch to see if the fan blades on the power supply turn. If they turn only 1/8 turn to 1 turn and quit, the power supply is usually bad and is the likely problem.
Better yet, buy or borrow a power supply tester. They cost anywhere from $9 to $29, depending on quality or complexity.


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Check for blown or bulging caps, and reset your BIOS by pulling the battery out, inserting it backwards and setting the RTC Reset jumper.

Blown caps (the pop can looking things on your board) usually have residue either on the cap or around the base. Bulging caps can be more subtle, often just having rounded tops.
ok good so far

ok flipped battery and hit reset now i c a screen to enter setup and sitting on it. also says cmos battery low has said that before
ok computer is now making a scratchy noise from the hard drive. also when i put in my recovery cd it doesnt boot automaticlly i get a blue screen talking about unmountable boot volume


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new batt wont hurt. will cost you a couple of dolars. but am more concerned with the sound from your hard drive - which cant be a good thing.

i assume you have a second pc. if you have an external casing, put your hard drive in it and defrag it. lets hope by organizing your data, you can boot up after that.

if you can boot up, then copy all your important data and try getting a new hard drive if you are able and reinstall your os.

keep us posted dad-of-3


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Some outfits charge $15 for a CMOS battery, but they are available at Wal-Mart for $3.50 and $2.75 at discount computer shops.
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