Faulty RAM Causes BSOD Causing Programs To Not Function As They Did Before

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Jan 5, 2008
  1. Last Friday I bought 2x 1G PNY RAM (DDR2) and put it into my computer. It worked perfectly fine; my system recognized the 1.9G of RAM (I have an integrated 6150 SE) and my games were lagging a lot less and didn't crash. On Monday, after downloading World of Warcraft and the Burning Crusade, I needed to download the patch. Once the patch hit about 2-5 min left, the BSOD came up. I didn't pay much attention to it, because I didn't see it happen before and it said if it was my first time seeing the screen, to just restart computer. So I did. It went back to my log-in screen, and when stuff finished loading on my desktop, it crashes again. Ever since, it crashed randomly, but didn't say anything about drivers (that I recall). I looked the info up on a different computer, and random crashing could be faulty RAM. So I took out my PNY RAM, put in the old RAM, and it asked if I wanted to do a system recovery. I said yes and after some time I was able to log-in without problems. Or so I thought.

    Now I logged in one day and noticed my Norton wasn't loading up at start up. Aside from that, I figured that maybe it was WoW that crashed my computer, so I deleted it all. I tried downloading WoW again, but now it would even start the downloader. It said the tracking device couldn't connect or something. It does this now whenever I try to download it. When I looked for solutions for the tracking device, they said to open up firewall ports. But before, I had Norton firewall up and the downloader downloaded perfectly fine (a little slow). Now that I dont have a firewall, it wont download? My microsoft firewall wasn't even on, so that can't be it.
    Furthermore, whenever I try to open up Norton, it says an error occurred (8500,300 or something like that I think) and to restart computer. That doesn't help. Aside from that issue, my Microsoft Word 2003 won't even open unless I open it in safe mode and even then, it freezes when i try to open an existing file.

    I didn't think I would end up in such a big dilemma, so I didn't really copy anything down or take screenshots (didnt think you could when your computer shows the BSOD). If anyone needs any information in addition to this, I might be able to help.

    PS: I exchanged my old PNY RAm for new PNY RAM and the computer isn't crashing any more, but Word, Norton, and the WoW downloader still don't work. I Also installed WarCraft III and can't get on Battle.net but I used to before. My other programs seem to work; City of Heroes, Mozilla, Limewire, LotRO. Any help is appreciated!
  2. kimsland

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    Norton Firewall issue

    Please Un-Install and Re-Install fully Norton FireWall

    Norton has a long history of corruptions, and is not the preferred protection software (in my view)
  3. Po`Girl

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    As kimsland very very rightly said,you have get of all Norton products.

    Download The Norton Removal Tool for whatever versions you have.

    You will have to replace it with Comdo or Kerio firewall and AVG anti virus

    ( if you also have Norton AV)

    Very important : Make sure you have firewall of some sort running,at all times

    when your on the Internet.Disconnect before uninstalling your current one.
  4. Xamotorp

    Xamotorp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    man you guys rock =] i did everything you guys said and reinstalled Microsoft Office 2003 and now everything is back to normal =] my Norton was a trial so no Norton firewall but I got Windows Firewall which looks to be just as good for free =P thanks for the help!
  5. nickc

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    Comdo Pro is a hole lot better than Windows firewall, and can be had for free, Google it.
  6. Tedster

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    do NOT install more than 1 anti-virus on a system at a time. Use 1 and 1 only.
  7. Route44

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    Tedster speaks truth. Two anti-viruses or two anti-firewalls enabled at the same time will cause serious conflictual issues.

    And as nickc rightly points out there are manyfirewalls out there much better than the XP offering. Comodo is 3.0 is free. Sunbelt and Online Armor provide free versions as well with OA getting excellent reviews with their free version.
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