Audio faulty sb Audigy

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Hi, I've had an Audigy mp3+ sound card for a while, but the motherboard also has a CMedia chip. At some point I decided to try the CMedia chip instead to compare it, uninstalled all audigy drivers and setup the cmedia. I don't remember if I did this more than once, but the result was that now, neither work very well. I am not concerned about the onboard CMedia chip, but the Audigy's problem is that I can't install the driver, as the driver installer won't accept that there is an Audigy installed. Instead windows has found a "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" which is listed in the device manager, and the only sound device appearing under control panel/sound/audio is "Emu10Kx Audio [BC00]" whatever that is...

I have tried moving the card to another PCI slot etc, looking in the registry for any mention of creative and removing it. Still it will not install drivers. The sound does work with these other drivers but I still would like to know - is my Audigy broken?




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I'm not sure if this is it but did you disable the onboard sound in the BIOS?
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