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By gbhall
Apr 23, 2005
  1. My firm has a number of PC's running Winfax 9 software to print faxes direct from any application (under Win98se). After various tribulations involving putting a correct line in Win.ini (believe me!) this works just fine and is an excellent solution.

    It's expensive on individual phome lines, however, so we wanted a networked fax solution with just one PC acting as a fax server. The network is Novell 6.5 IP only. We were advised to use RelayFax, and installed it on a brand-new Win XP pro server PC. There are problems....well basically it doesn't work!

    First we found we have to add Microsoft client for networking as well as the Novell client on each PC, before we could even see the fax server. Having sorted that, the faxing works but extremely erratically. Sometimes fax pages are not sent, sometimes a cover page several times and no furthe pages, oh, you name it.

    Are we douing anything wrong, or do we just junk it and get something else?

    Any recommendations welcome, but please only if you know it works in our specific environment - Win98 clients, IP protocol, Novell 6.5 server.
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    I think you may find Tobit FaxWare a good contender:
    FaxWare 7, Complete Fax Server incl. 5 users, 1 Port (ELD) 475,00 / 551,00
    incl. 25 users 975,00 / 1.131,00
    incl. 50 users 1.975,00 / 2.291,00
    (Prices in Euro, Nett / Gross)

    Lots of UK reps all over the place:

    Lots more to wade through, if you feel so inclined:
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