FBI arrests 74 email scammers in worldwide operation

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Jun 12, 2018
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  1. TheBigT42

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    Scammers fake the caller ID
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  2. wiyosaya

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    Some are, however, your post sounds like it comes from another expert that did not read my post beyond the first paragraph.

    Maybe this will help all the rest of the experts out there since I seem to need to repeat myself to the TL;DR crowds with a two-paragraph post

    The message was such that you could pick up and press a key, and you could call them back on what might be a working number.

    There are several parts to social engineering. One is to build the trust of your intended target - which the message attempts to do.

    However, the scammers need a valid contact number so that if someone trusts them with the message the delivered, which is what, IMO, they were attempting to do, build trust, that you can call them back on a working number otherwise, their scam does not work and they would be among the totally clueless scammers that sometimes try to run scams that do not work because they are flawed to begin with.

    Maybe it is fake, but they are counting on people trusting them and calling them back on a working number. I would rather count on my skills at recognizing a scam and at recognizing an attempt at social engineering by people who think they are too f'ing smart for anyone to notice that they are scammers, and that they will get away with it.

    And another part is that scammers realize that many people screen their calls by letting answering machines take the call. If they want their scam to work, they need you to trust them, and a working number where you can call them back also serves to build that trust.

    And before you go off on the "do not call registry is only for complaining about legitimate businesses" just like the other poster did, what "legitimate business" breaks a well-known law like this?

    I suspect that any of the busts in the past few years happened because the scammers had real lines with real numbers that people decided to report. Not all caller ID is faked.

    Last, I'll add as an edit:
    Scammers are likely aware that many phone companies, including the one I use, are screening caller ID information and transmitting caller ID data such as "likely scam call" instead of the fake caller ID data. This is even more reason for too f'ing smart scammers to use a real number; otherwise, their scam has much less of a chance for success.

    My apologies if you do not like the tone of my posts. However, what I said is to me common sense that really needs no defending and just baffles me why others seem to not get it.
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  3. TheBigT42

    TheBigT42 TS Maniac Posts: 238   +131

    You are the people they are looking for
  4. m3tavision

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    Chronology matters, so after what..? (afterwards..?)
  5. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 2,551   +1,198

    Sorry it sounds like you are feeling hurt! However, your feelings are not my responsibility.

    IMO, they are looking for anyone they can dupe. If its just blown off as fake news, and not reported, the chances they are going to dupe someone are even greater. I'd rather take crap like this from you after having reported them in an effort to rid everyone of scum like them than sit back and yell fake news and not do anything about it.

    As I see it, It is part of the problem today. People are less and less willing to stand up for what is right even if it means being wrong sometimes.

    One thing is for sure, the scum won't get taken down without complaints.

    Cheers! :)
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  6. Squid Surprise

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    After the post you replied to obviously....
  7. MaikuTech

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    And no moderators to step in and put a halt to the bickering.
    I'm really wondering if techspot staff will enforce the rules they set in place or let things happen until......
  8. mailpup

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    Moderators have already deleted some posts in this thread. Maybe you didn't know about them because they were... deleted. If you wanted more, well, judgement call. Some probably feel I delete too much. You can't please everyone.
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