FBI use suspect's face to unlock his iPhone X


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According to a report by Forbes, the FBI raided the home of Columbus, Ohio, resident Grant Michalski, who was later charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.

The feds turned up with a search warrant that allowed them to search Michalski’s computer for evidence. After discovering his iPhone X, they asked him to put his face near the handset to unlock it using Face ID, which he did. Agents then “placed the [phone] into airplane mode and examined it by looking through the files and folders manually and documenting the findings with pictures.”

Ever since Apple refused to help the FBI unlock the iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, authorities have been using different methods of circumventing Apple’s encryption. We’ve seen plenty of cases where law enforcement and judges have ordered people to unlock their iPhones using their fingerprints—even dead people’s prints have been used for this purpose. It now looks as if Face ID might be used in the same way.

While evidence of criminal activity was discovered on Michalski’s iPhone X, it wasn’t possible to perform forensic extractions on the device as the FBI let it eventually lock and didn’t have the passcode. Recent versions of iOS require this code when connecting a phone to a computer if it’s been locked for over an hour. Another search warrant has been granted, but it seems the FBI won’t be using Michalski’s face a second time.

Although Michalski did comply with the request to unlock his phone using Face ID, others may refuse by pleading their fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination—something suspects have previously used as a reason not to hand over their passcodes. However, it seems that Face ID, much like the fingerprint-based Touch ID, is not covered by the same fifth amendment rule, but expect plenty of arguments to the contrary to start appearing in courts.

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Using Face-ID is easily defeated with a photograph - - wake up!
Not Apple Face ID. It’s got lazers or summat and it makes a 3D image. A photograph can’t get past this. It can on Samsung’s.

So if I got Donald Trumps Samsung then I could show it a pic of his face to unlock it and show the world evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election and have him put in prison and then death for treason.


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Smarter criminal would wear "explosive" hat at all time. "Sir, I need you to use your face to unlock your phone." *Presses the button...*. -\\|-(..#*)//-..
If you didnt get it, I used these symbols to represent debris and the remains of his head when he uses explosive hat termination button.


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Should we be any way concerned that the search warrant was specifically for the computer media but the iPhone X was only added to the search warrant after the warrant was executed and after the phone was found on the property?
Obviously it's great that the guy with child porn was arrested but should we be at all concerned that the search warrant was modified after it was executed or is that normal? Maybe the warrant should be for "all electronic storage devices" so it could include the likes of phones, tablets, those Echo things, maybe even hard drives and USB drives. I think "computer" must not cover everything if they had to call out the iPhone as something extra found on the property.