FCC wants to let you send text messages to 911

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Nov 24, 2010
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  1. Taking into account that 70 percent of calls to 911 are made through a mobile phone and that 72 percent of Americans text, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to revamp the national emergency hotline to process SMS pleas for help. FCC's Chairman Julius Genachowski is calling for a Next-Generation 9-1-1 service, which falls under the FCC-drafted National Broadband Plan, that would allow Americans to send texts, photos, and videos to 911 from their mobile phone.

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  2. KG363

    KG363 TS Guru Posts: 515   +9

    This should have happened years ago. I'm happy it's finally in motion
  3. I can see it now...emergency dispatch centers receiving texts like this:

    "my bffs hows is on fir - snd firppl @ 1ce"
  4. Darkshadoe

    Darkshadoe TS Guru Posts: 571   +113

    Classic...I LOL'd
  5. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Posts: 191

    I guess that's kind of nice, but they are going to get a lot of fake/prank emergencies for the first few weeks, if not months.
  6. or years......

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