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I previously had Windows XP Professional on my computer, but now i've recently installed Windows XP Home Edition and im not able to open my 'My Documents' folder. its tell me that the file is not accesible and access is denied. i tried going into tools, folder options, view and advanced settings but i didnt see a the box that said simple file sharing. i think that feature is only available on Windows XP Professional. Is there a way i can gain access to my 'My Documents' folder on Windows XP Home Edition. your feedback will be gladly appreciated. :)
I'm confused. You installed XP Home over XP Pro? Or installed it to a different drive/partition? A little more information would be helpful.

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i think i installed it onto another drive or partition, do u know how to open files which have 'file not accessible:access denied' on Windows XP.

i checked again i installed it onto another partition
Sounds like you have made that folder private and you are logged in under a different account. check the security settings for that folder. In XP Home you won't have a security tab, but you will still have an option for making a folder private.
Yes !! -- PLEASE HELP!!

I have the same problem -- The File my documents was made Private under that specific user name... and is unaccessible to any other user.

my problem is -- my documents which contains VERY IMPORTANT data, I am trying to access it from an old harddrive which had it's own copy of XP installed on it.

Now All I wanna do is get the data off of that harddrive, and onto my new drive, expect the bloody thing doesn't give me proper permissions.

I am using Windows XP Home edition -- so not many settings I can play around with in regards to security and such.

SUm1 PLeaazzz help! :dead: :dead:
emaeteetee, Do you have admin rights to both drives your trying to access if so then just make the folder on the old drive accessible to all and the same for the new drive and then try copying the data over, if you dont have admin rights to one of the drives then your going to need to get who ever is to enable it for you.
yea yea!! resthpect!!! that' did the trick -- thanks man

Loggin into Admin in Safemode allowed me to change the permissions....

thanks again man..
not accessible error fixed

After reading the tread i figure it out.
i could not access video file through ulead movie maker.
it could not access the file because it could not understand the file type ectra.
the file extrension like avi or mpg or bin or iso
i guess it (xp Professional ) need the a codec or dll to read file types.
i went through all propertys and sharing security .
finally i load nimo5 beta 9 codecs and the error was gone
poertner_1274 said:
I'm confused. You installed XP Home over XP Pro? Or installed it to a different drive/partition? A little more information would be helpful.

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I am having the same problem but I had to reinstall XP Pro over XP pro on the same partition because my system went down and I was unable to repair the old installation of XP. I am trying to retrieve the "My Documents" folder from the previous installation but access is denied. Any help would be great or am I screwed?
I realize this is an old thread, but it is still ranked high on Google and I found a solution I thought I would share.

This page led me to a solution.

I had copied my files to a new hard drive and then the folders were no longer accessible across my network. Make sure "simple file sharing" is unchecked in explorer>Tools>Folder Options>View>"Files and Folder".

Then right click the folder you want to share and choose Properties>Security. Make sure their is a group named "Everyone". If not click Add>Advanced>"Find Now" and choose everyone. Click OK and you should no longer get those nasty Access Denied messages.

If my instructions are too confusing read the link above which has screenshots.
Xp Home How to reclaim a User Acount

I reinstalled windows XP home on a new hard drive. I wanted to copy the old user directory to the new user directory. Kept getting file not accessible : access denied.

all the above did not mention where to do this at in XP Home.
I needed to aquire ownership of the old user directory.

Restart your computer in safe mode with networking.

F8 at bootup and select the user account that u want to aquire the old directory.

Windows explorer open up the file or in my case the directory that the user was stored at.

right click that directory and hit properties. The Security tab is now there.

Click the security tab.

at the bottom under permission for everyone Click the Advanced button

Click the owner tab

in the change owner box choose the user name that you want it assigned to

check the box replace owner on subcontainers and object

click apply or ok

ok again and reboot
Less eloquent solution

I tried a number of more 'technical' solutions which did not work in my situation. I pootched my XP pro on my laptop and could not repair/ re-install XP pro. So I tried the following which worked. I then attached the hard drive to my desktop and backed-up the files on a secondary HD. I was then able to do a clean install of XP Pro on my laptop after

Instructions (if your OS is pootched, but pc will boot to dos):

Boot up with NTFS/DOS. Make a new directory [e.g. c:\temp1] outside of My Documents. Use XCOPY with /s switch and copy everything to c:\temp. You should now be able to access all the files that were in My Documents in the Temp1 folder. Caution: only allows short names
For me greendl's info really helped. Our main hard drive wouldn't start-up, I would keep getting a message that there were config. problems but I couldn't get online with our other hard drive. Since I couldn't afford to take the pc anyware I did a clean install of Windows XP on our older hard drive and it went smoothly, I could get online but since then have not been able to access the my documents folder for our main hard drive. I did what greendl said and it worked. Since I want to upgrade the os for our main hard drive, I can finally back it up now and put XP Media Center Edition on it. I'm not going to get Vista until I know for sure all the bugs are out. Thank you greendl and to everyone else who posted tips to help.
Well if I remember right. After I right-clicked on the problem folder and clicked properties, that was the first time the security tab showed up on the window that comes up, I did do what greendl said but I do remember clicking on something that had to do with ownership. In the small list that showed up I saw my name with a hyphen and other letters and numbers next to it. That's the name of my older hard drive that I am using now, I selected that name, clicked ok and appearently it made my old hard drive the owner of the folder I had selected and everything in it. I don't plan on keeping things like this though. After saving all my pictures to disc and writting down any programs I will have to re-install, I'm going to wipe the newer hard drive and put the same os on it that is on my older hard drive. I'm actually not using a legal copy of windows on my newer hard drive which is probably the main reason why I have so many problems. Now that I have a recovery disc I have nothing to worry about.
I selected that name, clicked ok and appearently it made my old hard drive the owner of the folder I had selected

that was \\systemname\userlogin NOT the hd name.

Yes greendl's solution works by brute force allowing \\systemname\everyone to have
full control.

That happens to also include all network users :( very bad idea.

Your plan is good; Install an official version of Windows and the reload your documents :)
Files Accessed Finally

Hi Poeple....

The marvels of technology and the internet.

I was already desperate as I had a similar problem with my files .

It happened right after I dragged all my downloaded files to a new folder to organized them. Right after a I did that, I could not decompress my rar and zip files. I could see them in the directory of explorer however I could not open them nor unzip them.

Finally after reading the notes on this site , I did the following

Highlighted the folder on the left side organizer of explorer
right click
click on properties
click sharing
ticked share this folder on the network
ticked also allow network users to change my files
click apply and OK

after which I went back to the files and checked if I could inzip them..
when it was already possible, then I copied them to a new folder
then checked again if I can open or unzip
when things where ok
then I deleted the old files which were shared on the network.

hopefully it does not happen again.

anyway, I was just wondering if this is due to a file possibly being originally a bit torrent file then uploaded as a regular file. bit torrent files allow other people to gain access to the same files you have downloaded.

I have not directly downloaded a bit torrent file as I downloaded using the regular way. Still I fear that torrent files may contain viruses or what have you aside from other problems.

BUt this crossed my mind when I was reading about bit torrent files.

There you have it...

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