Files won't open after being copied to a new folder!

By Descomp
Apr 10, 2009
  1. Hi....

    I am desperately needing help now...

    My external hard-disk which contains 3 partitions. In one particular drive, there are a few hundred .TIF images inside. I created 4 new folders to copy the images into so as to better organize them. After that, I realize I can no longer open the images! They are still there, and their file sizes are stated clearly.

    There's a message saying "Access ia denied. Make sure the disk i not write protected or file is not being used". Clearly, the disk cannot be write-protected and the file is not used at all.

    When I tried to connect the hard-disk to my laptop, I cannot even access the files as it says "Access is denied".

    I tried with other documents such as Word file and it also happens. As long as files are being moved from one folder to another within the same drive/partition, the file will no longer be able to open. It's like a black hole there. The other 2 partitions have no issues.

    This is very strange and frustrating. I've never encountered this before. Is there a bug somewhere? Could anyone kindly offer me some solution to my problem? All my precious images can't be opened now! :(

    Thank you very much!
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Security Permission issue

    Right click the folder you want to open and choose Properties>Security. Make sure their is a group named "Everyone". If not click Add>Advanced>"Find Now" and choose everyone. Click OK and you should no longer get those nasty Access Denied messages. (refer to the above link to allow specifically your user account to access the old Hard Drive folders)

    Note: in Windows Xp Home, the "Security" menu will not show. Just start your computer in Safe Mode (continuously press F8 function key on computer Startup then select Safe Mode)
    Also confirm that you are running an Administrator privileged account. (Check Users in Control Panel)
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