Finalizing a DVD

By Stephen79
Nov 17, 2003
  1. Is there an alternative way e.g. a small tool to close a multi session / finalize a DVD?

    My problem is, I created a dvd backup of a section of my HD (using Nero Ultra v6) and chose to leave the disc open. I am unable to access the disc via explorer, but if I load up nero, I can see the data has been written. I think I used almost the entire disc, and when I go back in to nero to add a text file and to finalize, it produces an “illegal Disc” error.

    Back in the early days of cd copying, I could use Easy CD creator to close a session without burning anything to it.

    So, is there a way around this, or is there a 3rd party tool simply to finalize a disc?

    as, on testing the DVD disc on my work machine, (a standard dvd-rom drive, it is accessable here.


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    You didn't mention what kind of a DVD you used, but DVD+R discs have a better multisession compatibility than DVD-Rs. In addition, most (old) DVD-ROM drives are said to have problems reading multisession DVDs.
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    NEC 1300A 4x +/- RW

    -R disc

    Anyway, managed to answer my own question, as I dont like posts going stale.
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