Finding it impossible to remove this ''thing''

By GerbilCisse
Apr 9, 2009
  1. I was greeted with this when I loaded up my computer this morning. I wrote the text into google and tried the following solution, but it failed to work. I have since deleted the smitfraudfix from my computer.

    Anyways. I already had Malware bytes anti malware on my computer, so I ran that in safe boot. 3 hours later, detecting several infiltrations, and upon deleting them, I still got the original message I when I logged onto my user after my computer had restarted.

    And if that isn't enough, exactly 15 minutes into my session, my screen (all the tabs, windows etc.) go big, and is impossible to get out of, like this. I logged off and back in again, but it still stayed big, and the only way to go back to normal size is to restart my laptop.

    I've ran my NOD 32 anti virus, and that hasn't done the trick, likewise with my AVG anti virus.

    I fear I will be on the receiving end of a beating from dad at the weekend, unless I or some kind soul knows of a remedy. I'm sorry to bring my troubles to the forum, but I'm in the last chance saloon, as malware bytes normally rescues me from troubles in the past, alas, not this time...

    I forgot to mention, my wallpaper doesn't appear as well.

    I'm currently in ''big mode'', and I tried to play some media, and was greeted with this message :(
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    I downloaded Avira as recommended in a thread I was reading on this forum earlier, and it seem's to have got rid of the threat in the ''quick scan'' when I installed the program!

    So thank you forum :D
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