Finding the right PSU For my Comp!

By muzza144 · 5 replies
Jun 7, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Recently i bought a new graphics card for my system 7600 Gt, its a great card but i'm having trouble finding a new psu to to fit into my chassis because my power supply is only 250 Atm, am looking to upgrade it to maybe 400 +!

    i no Packard bell have a bad reputation wen it comes modding there PCs. lol

    Specs -
    1.5 ram
    intel core 2 duo e600
    250gig hd

    found information about a similar pc with same chassis - (

    Help NEEDED!

  2. k.jacko

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    Packard Bell have a bad reputation when it comes to anything. Chances are you have to get a 400w from them at a cost of a £/$00000000000's
  3. muzza144

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  4. kpo6969

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  5. Barlettaborn

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    I recently built a computer to almost exactly the same stats as yours, just with a 8800gts 320mb card instead. And I managed to fit it in a 500w PSU, bought the case and PSU off ebay for £45, really stylish case, PSU works a treat and has dual case fans.
    Your system should easily be able to run off a 500w.
    If your not keen on transfering all your system across then, I would make sure you dont get a too high PSU, for a case with only one fan.
    What was your original PSU?
  6. Frank Smith

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    Almost any 400 to 600 watt PS will work.. some of the newer PSU's have a fan on the outside rear. this might make it too LONG for your case. I have had to open the PSU and remove the extra fan on backside to allow it to work in (OEM JUNK CASES). It is easy to remove. and then you have a SPARE Fan to use.
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