Firefox addon/extension

By g4mer
Mar 25, 2010
  1. Hi, i can't remember add-on that i used to customize my Firefox. I remember that i found that add-on on some forum, and when i downloaded it, it redirected me to some web page or something like that where i could customize everything (color, background, tab look and icons, back, forward icons...) It was really good add on, and now i cant find it. I thought maybe someone here knows the name of that addon i really want this addon i cant find it anywhere. I looked on Firefox web page, but theres only full theme packs.
  2. michaledoughlas

    michaledoughlas TS Rookie

    Firefox 3.6 Support with version Live Writerfox 0.5 has been added, it should be soon on Firefox add-ons site, otherwise it is always on this page..
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