Firefox hijack

By TheRover
Jan 15, 2009
  1. This seems to be fairly common, but I can't find a fix yet. I ran through the 8 steps, and I have the three logs to attach.

    When conducting a search in firefox, I get what appears to be a healthy search return. But every link is actually an advertising site. I do not (yet) have a problem with internet explorer.
    All browsing has slowed down immensely. Please throw me some help!

    Steps followed:
    The 8 recommended steps.
    I have used AVG Free, Super Antispyware Free Edition, and Ad-Aware.

  2. TheRover

    TheRover TS Rookie Topic Starter

    AVG Free virus scan has just released an update today that fixes the problem. It is a file called wdmaud within the windows/system32/ folder. However, there is a valid file with the same name that exists there. Good luck to all that follow. I will be watching to make sure this totally removed all instances.
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