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Dec 29, 2006
  1. Am looking to update my firewall and am currently using Zone Alarm Pro..... what would you guys recommend as a replacement???
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    I am currently using Comodo and I have to tell you that I'm pretty pleased with it for a freebie. I tried Zonealarm, but on startup, I had problems. It took too long for the desktop to load. My desktop background would appear, but nothing else for about a minute.
    I used to be a Norton guy until my last update when Symantec told me that I upgraded too many times since purchasing the product and had to go through a lot of riga-marole to connect with their server and synch with it just to get my product to reactivate. I still had some time on the subscription, but since I became a member of this site, I took Howard's advice and tried some of the freebies and have to admit, there are some free anti-virus and firewalls out there that are just as good, if not better than what you pay for. Not only that, I've noticed quite a speed improvement on startup. I knew Norton was a system hog, but didn't know just how much until I got rid of Schmantic!! (Ha! Ha!)
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    Norton Internet Security :D
    or not
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    Use Ez-Firewall from the Computer Associates! Download and have Fun!
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