First boot, mobo won't receive power

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Jun 21, 2008
  1. Hello
    Thanks in advance for reading (and hopefully, replying)

    Specs (all new):
    Case: Raidmax scorpio 868w w/ 420W PSU
    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA69 series
    CPU: AMD athlon x2 3000 w/ own heatsink and fan
    RAM: 2 X 2 gb corsaid DDR2 PC6400

    I have assembled everything except the HDD. There is a slight confusion with front panel connections w.r.t power switch polarity.
    When I plug in the PSU, nothing mobo light, no beep, no fans, no sound. I became smart (or v. dumb) and plugged in my new PSU 2x10 V pin into an old mobo (and kept the 12 V in the new mobo) and both mobo's lit up. But when I plug in the 2x10 from old PSU into new mobo, nothing happens. I read somewhere that the psu wont start if mobo is not installed correctly, but it iis nstalled on brass brackets (supplied by manuf) and there is no contact anywere else. Help!
  2. nickc

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    does the new MB not have the brass attached to the MB at certain holes, if not u will have to read the manual and find where they are suppose to be ad buy them at a computer shop. if the MB is sitting without them, it is grounded and will never start. the first thing when building a computer is read the manual.
  3. justescaped

    justescaped TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The mobo seems to be seated correctly on brackets on all holes. But those gold brackets themselves are metal and could be grounding the mobo?
  4. Tmagic650

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    Yes the brass standoffs ground the motherboard. Do you have all the power supply's connections correct, including the 4-pin connector near the CPU if present. The power switch has no polarity requirements. The only front panel connections that are polarity sensitive are the power LED and the hard drive LED, nothing else. Go over the front panel motherboard header connections carefully and make sure that you plug in the power switch to the proper pins. Until this is correct, the computer won't start. One other thing, if the power supply has a power switch on it, make sure this is in the on position
  5. nickc

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    if that does not fix it take everything out of the case assemble only the basic parts on a non static, surface the box the MB came in will do, with only necessary parts. the MB, the Video card, the PSU hooked up and the power button to start and only one mem. card. see if u can get it to boot this way before u go any farther. then add one piece at a time until u have the computer built. then it can be put in the case. of course the pci cards if any would have to come out.
  6. justescaped

    justescaped TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried what nickc suggested. Removed the mobo from the case, kept the power connections on and shorted the pw switch with a screwdriver and the cpu fan and case fan turned on. its alive!
    What does that mean?? Is the case the problem?
  7. Tmagic650

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    "What does that mean?? Is the case the problem?"...

    No, It is a "human builder" problem. Carefully look at the mounting holes in the motherboard. Make sure you ONLY place standoffs under those holes and have no more standoffs installed. Because you have operation out side the case, YOU DO HAVE SOMETHING METAL TOUCHING THE MOTHERBOARD! The motherboard either has too many standoffs or not enough
  8. Tedster

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