first day of MCSE training

By erwin1978 · 4 replies
Oct 27, 2002
  1. Today was the first day of my MCSE training. I must say that I felt out of place when I found out that everyone else in class had a "real job" while I on the other hand am still in school. The others were probably wondering what business I had taking an MCSE course.

    Four hours sitting in that one room was so painful. Hopefully, tomorrow would be more interesting. If I keep up, I should be able to get my certification by next spring.

    For those of you who have taken MCSE, do you have to pay for the 5 mandatory exams? Also, did you have to buy any books. My instructor just gave us a burned CD and he said a book is not mandatory but he suggested getting one.
  2. Rick

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    Keep us informed of your progress.. Not a daily thing, but every month or so would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there are a number of people interested (including myself) in the details of a MCSE training course.

    I wish you luck.

    There's no reason to feel out of place or intimidated, I wouldn't think... Many of them may have jobs, but probably not all. Also, many of them probably know either less or about as much as you do since they too are taking the training the course. I'm sure there are some old pros in there, but I imagine it caters to a wide variety of computing levels ranging from novice to advanced.
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    Get ready for many more painful days in there erwin - I thought I was gonna die when I was in my NT4 track. The next time I skipped the classes and did self study for the 2000 track - I recently completed it, and I would say that the books are not mandatory, but definitely a good idea. The Exam Cram and Exam Prep books from Coriolis are pretty effective. I did the same thing to complete my MCSA as well.

    P.S. - Make sure you plan your electives so that it completes as many requirements for different certifications as you can. For example, if one of your electives is 70-218 you will get your MCSA by the time you finish your MCSE. Also, if you take SQL server (228) then you will be one step from MCDBA when you finish your MCSE.

  4. erwin1978

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    I was wondering which version of Windows I should be using. I currently use winXP. Would that suffice or do I need win2000 pro or server?
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    Well, I used the appropriate versions for the tests I was taking - so I spent the most time on Win2K Server (domain controller). If you can get your hands on it and get some real world experience (experiments) with it then it will stick a lot better.

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