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First video and pictures: Nokia's first Windows phone

By Emil · 11 replies
Jun 23, 2011
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  1. It's hard to tell if he did this on purpose or if he really did think people would listen to him but either way, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop asked a…

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  2. Kind of doubt that but whatever. BTW I LOVE Windows Phone. SLICK.
  3. What you say corresponds greatly to your name!
  4. Meh...
    That's one ugly boring phone, actually, I didn't even know Nokia still made phones. Samsung, LG and HTC are much better designs. The Windows 7.5 looks great though. (And I'm an avid Android user)
  5. Cant wait for this. I love Nokia and have been using WM7 on my htc and its a great OS. With mango it looks more live on the Nokia. Every company has had their dark days
    ...apple had had their share too and we allknow whos 150 million saved their *** in 1997. Good to see two great companies coming together and producing something good for the consumer. A lesson i must say learnt from Apple. As for android.....no class at all. The OS looks just as bland as the google homepage. Your smartphone shouldnt be just an applauncher....time to learn from Microsoft now.
  6. We want Nokia to focus and launch Android phones. But since they r sticking with WP but i have no choice to shift my focus to some other phone vendors
  7. Nice going Nokia...U just shun a potential 50+ Million PStation customers by choosing M$oft W7 epic failed. Sorry... but this already failed with the stress on X-Box. Wont be getting any SONY customers for sure.
  8. Sorry Nokia... you should have gone with Android. Am not excited
  9. Luv it luv it....keep wishing android monkeys.
  10. Bah. I've gotten that before ^. You're not original.
  11. Dang that's an ugly phone. Also Android is a poor mans OS, chop chop choppy! Bloated poorly managed code makes the phones crap themselves.

    They should have gotten a guy with better English to present the device, this guy turned me off the phone lol
  12. ANDROID looks and functions better than W7.5 . Nokia should have implemented Android. I will never buy a Nokia unless they run Android.

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