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Fisher Price Digital ARts and Crafts Studio

By mom3 ยท 4 replies
Dec 29, 2007
  1. New here...
    I have an emachines T1842 computer that I purchased a few years ago. I purchased the Fisher Price Digital Arts and Crafts Studio for my daughter to play on the computer. I've installed it, but the graphics on some of the activities weren't correct. They were jumbled together with multiple copies. I called Fisher Price and they said my video driver needed to be updated. I've searched the Gateway website, but really don't know what I"m looking for or where to go. I've called, but they offer no support without $$$. Any suggestions?
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,343   +593

    I believe you are looking at the wrong site. Although Gateway may own eMachines, eMachines has its own website. Click here to find the page on the eMachines website to get to your graphics driver.

    That said, it appears that your old PC does not quite meet the minimum requirements for the Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio. Specifically, it requires 256MB of RAM and as far as I can tell the T1842 came with 128MB of RAM. Also, since your integrated Intel graphics actually uses some system RAM, you have even less than 128MB of RAM available. Remember, 256MB is the minimum required.

    It might also be that your integrated graphics also do not meet the minimum requirements but I'm less sure of that.
  3. flahmz

    flahmz TS Rookie

    Fisher-Price DACS hack?

    Does anyone know if you can use the Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio tablet and stylus with other applications? It would be great to be able to use with Paint or isketch.net
  4. isubh

    isubh TS Rookie

    Lost The original CD

    I Lost The original CD can someone help me by emailing me the files to install it? thank you
  5. fnord

    fnord TS Rookie

    I also cannot find our CD. Is the software available from FP for download? (It would make sense since it is useless without the hardware).
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