Flash Player problems

By macx
Dec 22, 2011
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  1. A short time ago, I was snookered into upgrading to the latest version. Had a ton of problems with it, so deleted it and went back to 10 which I was using before for along time with no problems at all.

    I'm not sure exactly what version I had before other than 10. Now I've got

    Anyway, now when I want to open a Yahoo video news clip, I get a Flash Player window right in the middle of the video clip that won't go away unless I allow the website to store info on my computer. If I click Deny, the window often won't go away, altho sometimes it will.

    I haven't changed anything since I used the previous version 10 of Flash Player and never had that pesky window before.

    Does that indicate that websites were storing stuff on my computer and I was none the wiser?

    If there's no way around it b ut to allow the site to store info on my computer, can I get rid of it when I close the internet? Such as CC or something?

    Or is there another variant of version 10 Flash that won't give me this problem?

    I've had enuf bad experiences "catching" malware that I'm very dubious about any site that wants to store anything on my computer.

    Thanks for any guidance!

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