Flashing colors, freeze

By fendura
Aug 31, 2010
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  1. Hello :)

    I'm having some major problems with my computer. When i got home yesterday (i had left my computer on like i do almost every day at work) the screen had froze with lots of different colors on it. A couple days before it happened, the screen would sometimes freeze while playing counter strike source for example, flashy weird colors but then return to the game in a couple of seconds. But this time it wouldnt go back to normal.

    Now it flickers while booting and it normally freezes on the at the welcome message right before i get logged on, or it will let me log in and then freeze 5 seconds later. I successfully booted it in safe mode but after a while it started to appear weird colors and flickering in safe mode aswell. Oh and when i got home yday i managed to download newest nvidia drivers and install them but it didnt help.

    Things i've tried:

    Clean the whole pc. There werent much dust, because i cleaned it 2 months ago.

    place the gpu in the second spot on my motherboard

    tried with a different hard drive but that didnt help either ;(

    Now I'm thinking that the gpu is broken :mad: If its not, what to doooo? Thank you.


    Nvidia GeForce 9800gt gpu

    Gigabyte P55-UD3 motherboard

    intel core i5 cpu

    550w powersupply

    4gb crucial ram

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