Flaws in 3G protocol make devices susceptible to tracking

Shawn Knight

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Security researchers from the University of Birmingham have discovered a flaw in 3G-enabled mobile phones that could allow someone to track a device at any given time. Unfortunately there's no software hot-fix available as the problem is ingrained in the...

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That's the long way around the barn. most smartphones now have location services enabled by default. Make sure you manually disable ALL occurrences of same. at least you don't leave the barn door open as an invitation - - make'm work for it.


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So why did it take 10 years to find this out, or is it only now people are allowed access?


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So why did it take 10 years to find this out, or is it only now people are allowed access?
4G is being rolled out everywhere, how else do you get people to move to a new technology other than scaring them with security flaws?


This has been known for a while. The attack depends on service provider employing bad (or no) encryption on one of the levels. It is of limited value as security services have better (= more expensive but far more reliable and user-friendly) technology at their disposal.


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Oh no a security flaw that would let people know where I'm at. I guess if I were running from the law I might worry about it. Since I'm not it's no skin off my hide. As the first post said "location services" are a much easier way to go anyway.
I don't know about you (I don't) but how many people post their location on face book every time they leave the house?


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Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist but you gotta be pretty gullabe to believe that Uncle Sam can't monitor, record and collect any data from any network, whenever and however he wants.