Floppy Drive will not read on new build

By BillAllen55
Mar 18, 2010
  1. Stats of my machine in my profile.

    Last January I put together a new computer. All systems are go with the exception of my floppy drive. Not that this is a catastrophe but, none the less with all other components working, this is annoying that it will not function properly.

    All connections have been checked. The floppy drive is found, in device manager. All indications that it's properly installed.

    BIOS was checked and the drive is enabled.

    There are no functions to the a: drive. Indicating the floppy drive is unable to format or to read.
    Multiple floppy disks have been tried.

    With it being a new build I'm thinking the floppy drive itself was toast right out of the box.

    does anyone have an idea why this is happening?
  2. mailpup

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    While other connectors in your PC are keyed so they cannot be installed incorrectly, the floppy drive data connector can be installed upside down by mistake. If this was done, the activity LED would be on all of the time. If that is not the problem, then the floppy drive is probably bad.
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