Former Googlers announce new Beep audio streaming device that connects to any speaker

Justin Kahn

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A couple of former Google employees have launched a new product called Beep. It is a WiFi device that allows you to stream music to any existing speaker systems with a line-in. The device, which carries a fairly small footprint...

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I bought a cheapo one of these out of the local dicount store. Cost me £5.

Came with a built in speaker too,


I would love to get something like this, but none of these devices stream the higher bit rate offered by Pandora so I just stick with my living room PC doing the samething for me. I guess this might be OK if you wanted half way OK audio in your bathroom. Most of my listening is in the living room.

"Pandora on the Web plays 64k AAC+ for free listeners and 192kbps for Pandora One subscribers. All in-home devices play 128kbps audio, and mobile devices receive a variety of different rates depending on the capability of the device and the network they are on, but never more than 64k AAC+"


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The Rocki will stream any sounds from your PC, that might serve your needs until Pandora sort their **** out.