Former moderators sue TikTok over trauma caused by viewing "extremely disturbing" videos


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I'm curious as to what these people expected when they applied for their jobs as moderators... were they unaware of all of this before? And if so, WHY WERE THEY SO IGNORANT!
Yeah, if the videos were so disturbing a normal person would have quit being a moderator after the first few disturbing videos. These people should have their suit tossed. They made a choose to continue to expose themselves to these disturbing videos, no one forced them to watch them.

Aaron Fox

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Free speech can, has and always will be moderated in some way.... your freedom ends as soon as it affects someone else...
The word is censored but your point is correct.

Moderation is a euphemism for censorship. Many times it is the antithesis of fairness. Many times it is designed to facilitate exploitation. Censorship comes in bad and good forms, depending upon the context.

Aaron Fox

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Considering the amount of child porn, snuff videos and other forms of debauchery coming through these "apps", it's amazing that they prosecute people for viewing or having these videos on their phones.
Actually, I think it's the opposite. I'm surprised the feds/Interpol didn't go after these people for having the stuff on their computers. It's illegal to look at unless you're in law enforcement. It's thought crime and the law supports it being thought crime.

The government of America already shut down Craigslist personals on the dubious claim that it was to stop trafficking. Don't assume that even a corporation is insulated from this sort of targeting. Reagan sent the DEA after Monticello for growing poppies. The people there were so intimidated they even destroyed sweatshirts with a picture of a poppy on it.