Formspring servers breached, 420,000 encrypted passwords stolen


TS Evangelist
Formspring has joined the likes of LinkedIn,, eHarmony and other sites breached recently, revealing yesterday that passwords were swiped from its servers. Following an investigation, the social service determined that an unknown intruder gained access to the company's development……

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hackers been busy then are they responsible for the royal bank of scotland issue and now o2 issue and they just covering it up if not a shame as it would make a change from the usual rubbish or taking a service down for an hour shame about people its affected though but im all for the banks getting hurt all they do is screw us over, just started watching tv a series called continuum and I quite like the bad guys in it liber8 anti-corporation fanatics....wheres the real life version......
Just sad though how weak the security system was.Theirs people in all these orgaizations that are specifacly given the role to patch up and fix vulnerable areas in the system and they get paid for that and if they fail the hackers are either really good or the organizations security is really weak can't wonder why these people get paid when their this bad at their Job.