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Fps raising in more then 100% without sound. (sound auto shut down)

By doctoR
Jul 12, 2005
  1. hello,yesterday i was playing enemy territory..with my clanmates we were talking on ventrilo,all goes ok with normal fps but little hard to play (60-70) sometimes 100 but NO more.
    then my whole sound system stopped working,(ventrilo,game) everything sound just stopped working. but at the moment it happend i saw that my fps raised to 125(maxfps is set to 125) Everywhere!!! when i made it unlimited i had 250-300 and its not only in et, then i tried GTA:San Andreas and game just worked smooth as hell...
    but after restart i got sound and again bad fps..

    my pc specs are:
    intel p4 1600mhz overcloked to 1800mhz
    nvidia Gforce fx 5500 128mb
    384RAM ddr 266
    mboard: epox 4pda
    so my question is: why when sound is AUTO shut down i have so much better fps?
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